Heritage Resorts - Stories 2018 - Issue 2 - Page 19

the wonderful Heritage Bel
Ombre estate, this course
is most certainly not child’s
play. “Those who have an
excellent drive will have the
upper hand when playing on
this course. The challenge for
golfers is finding the fairway
at tee-off,” says Romain.
The approach towards
certain holes is complicated
– bunkers and water
obstacles push players to get
the most out of their clubs.
For the player who knows his
strengths and weaknesses,
they just need to adapt
accordingly. “On the hole
no.4, together with my caddy,
we came up with a strategy.
We decided to always play
short and stay on the right
side of the flag. Because, any
long ball or going left of the
flag would have significantly
compromised our approach
towards the green and,
ultimately, the hole.”
Then there is the eastsoutheast wind, the famous
Southeast Trade Wind
that brought the Dutch to
Mauritius back in the 17th
century. It is an omnipresent
difficulty on a course that
borders the south coast of
the island. “Indeed, I had a
hard time navigating towards
hole no.11, due to the winds.
This is really an element
to take into consideration
on the course. In addition
to the wind, two very well
placed bunkers and an
elevated green make it even
more challenging.”
But it’s easy to blame the
wind. Its capricious nature
makes it both a blessing and
a curse, like on the dreaded
hole no.7 for example. For
those who dare to venture
there, here’s a heads-up:
you’ll need to really make
an effort and put your
muscles to work. Luckily, for
the four-day ABMO 2017
tournament, the tee-off was
repositioned so that golfers
played this hole with their
backs to the wind. “This
made it easier to reach the
green. Whereas during the
tournament, I handled hole
no. 11 exceptionally well. I
played it four times and each
time I did a birdie.” Although
it is still necessary to assess
it properly, it’s complicated
when the trees give you the
impression that you’re in a
cocoon. “The challenge is
really to try and judge the
wind’s strength, but also its
direction. Even if it’s true that
we don’t always feel it, it is
present and it influences the
trajectory of the ball.”
But we wondered: do
professional golfers
have time to really
admire the landscape?
“Absolutely!” enthused
Romain Langasque. “As a
professional, it’s a pleasure
to play in places like the
South of Mauritius, in the
beautiful Heritage Bel
Ombre estate. Better yet,
on a course of such quality.”
However, don’t let that
fool you, he is a serious
competitor. “In fact, I mostly
took time to appreciate it
during my practice rounds.”
It seems that certain parts of
the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius
Open 2017 course really
made an impression on
Romain Langasque, notably,
hole no.18. He explains that:
“It’s because it offers two
options at the start. And
whether you have a good
drive or not, there will always
be a small distance to go
before we reach the hole.
The follow-up strokes on this
hole really put us to the test
and the game of golf reveals
its charm!”
Finally, a golf tournament,
the way we see it, goes
beyond a simple sporting
event. It’s a crossroads…
a meeting place… focused
on a sport, of course… but
one where the sharing is
above all human. “I met a lot
of great people during this
tournament and to top it all
off, in such a sublime setting.
The employees at Heritage
Le Telfair also accorded me
an extraordinary welcome
that I won’t forget.”


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