Heritage Resorts - Stories 2018 - Issue 2 - Page 28

“When I arrived in Paris for
my studies, there was so
much to discover!” recalls
Dominique. That same
year, he undertook training
programmes in Romana’s
Pilates (an intensive course
that requires no less than
700 hours of theoretical
and practical training),
Chinese circus arts and
his master’s degree. Even
though he completed all
the training programmes
he started, Dominique still
wanted to further develop
his fluidity and sense of
self-awareness. Eventually,
through his encounters, a
“true martial arts master”
chose him as his apprentice.
During this enriching fouryear experience, he worked
on developing his inner
self, his listening skills and
his ability to embrace the
sensations around him. “At
first, this approach throws
us off balance because we
realise that we use to be
attached to our outer being.
But the truth is that if we
don’t start with getting to
know our inner being, we
won’t be able to holistically
understand ourselves,”
Dominique theorises.
Despite this revelation, this
hard worker is still hungry to
discover more. To satisfy his
desire for self-improvement,
he trained in holistic
methods such as sujok,
knap points, the Franklin
method, cardiac coherence
and neuro-linguistic
programming. “That’s where
I started to understand
how the body works,” he
says. All this knowledge has
profoundly changed his
approach to everyday life
and the way he works. “With
the knowledge I acquired
over the years, I have an
open-minded philosophy
and I want to do good for
other people,” he says. And,
indeed, he achieves this
without difficulty.
Since 2015, Dominique
Tinjust comes to Heritage
Le Telfair every year to share
his know-how for one full
week of well-being. In 2017,
he unveiled the mysteries
of smiling Tai Chi. This
year, he proposed his own
take on the world-famous
Pilates workout.
During each session,
Dominique Tinjust
accompanies his students
every step of the way.
With absolute calmness,
he attends to the most
precise needs. “Their body
and energy speak directly
to me, and that’s how I
become aware of each
person’s needs,” he reveals.
After collectively guiding
the whole group, he then
deals individually with each
student, one by one, so that
he can identify their issues
and can, therefore, help
them find the ideal path to
take. Dominique doesn’t just
show the right movement to
his students. He also teaches
them to be attentive to their
bodies and be aware of
themselves in each moment.
After years of perfecting
himself, Dominique Tinjust
has developed a particular
self-awareness. The speciality
of this inspiring Pilates
coach is to listen, feel and
understand. Dominique
concludes: “When we
understand and feel things,
we can truly take charge of
what we do, and it gives us a
completely different outlook
on life.”


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