Heritage Resorts - Stories 2018 - Issue 2 - Page 8

Crossing the threshold of
Heritage Bel Ombre, we are
embraced by the sublime
natural setting that descends
from the hill towards the
sea. Overlooking the estate,
Heritage Nature Reserve
is a natural sanctuary 140
metres above sea level.
Extending over 1,300
hectares, this reserve is
home to a rich ecosystem
of botanical species that
blooms in the plains, rivers
and even the waterfalls.
In the village of Bel Ombre,
which lies on the coastal road,
we delight in learning more
about the inhabitants, who
are often attached to timeless
traditions. The lifestyle of the
South moves to a beat of its
own, and most importantly,
heavily relies on the labour
of the fields or the moods of
the sea.
Via quad, foot, or even
safari (day and night), one
can admire the remarkable
fauna and flora of the area.
Hosting untamed forests
and coastlines, Bel Ombre
unveils itself as a truly
exceptional region.
With a rich cultural
patrimony, Heritage Bel
Ombre links the past and
the future. Heritage Le
Château, built in the 19th
century in the middle of a
lavish garden, is in itself a
historical testimony. Recently
restored to its initial vitality,
Le Château proudly stands
as one of the architectural
jewels of the region, if not
the country.
In its conception, it shows
the ingenuity of the
architects and workers of
that time. Its first owner, a
rich Indian businessman,
called upon the architect
who designed the Treasury
Building in Port Louis,
which now hosts the Prime
Minister’s Office.
Set amidst the lush greenery
of the elegantly restored
gardens, Heritage Le
Château now offers a fine
dining experience to its
visitors. The building, with
its antique furniture and
cutlery, hosts the signature
restaurant of the estate,
which offers a menu created
by Michelin-star chef
David Toutain.
At the heart of this
magnificent estate,
prestigious residences have
gradually taken root. Just
beneath the nature reserve
lies Heritage Villas Valriche:
160 luxurious properties
with a French colonial
architecture, reminiscent
of the island’s origins. The
personalized interior design
brings a touch of modernity,
while each panorama view
of the exterior looks like
a postcard.


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