STORIES By Heritage Resorts - Issue 3 - 2019 - Page 62

He engraves their tale in the
shadow of her beauty
On the timeless stone where
walkers stop, daily
Writes their two initials,
Love out of sight, out of mind
Some memories
are slow to surface
The letter lost
in the writing desk
Once upon a time,
in a faraway castle
Were two young hearts under
love’s mantle
Under the darkened verandah,
her feet lead her to him
He sights her body,
dreams of her touch,
steps on the brim
Of this forbidden love
His eyes flutter
before the shove
In the garden, painted by
many an artful flower
Her dress, a field of hyacinths
he longs to gather
Shimmers towards him
in the breeze
Her perfume – his release
In filigree, the letter reveals
The burning dawns,
the secret nights, their seals
And wraps the isle in the scent
Of their quiet idyll,
barely nascent
Once in this castle
of paper figurines
Where at the piano her
shadow still leans
He stood unmoving
as she played
A fragile song of softness
Dress: Guilded Art
Like a stolen kiss in a
childhood playground
Or tender eyes
to other eyes bound
Reaping from their games,
plucking out the seeds of
The two of them built their
own set of seasons
But when ebony and stone
caught up on the guise
Then played only the
arpeggios of their demise
They would have to find other,
fiercer fires
In which to turn their
goodbyes to embers
Their steps can still be heard
under the ageless trees
Glimpsed in the satin of Indian
Still now, two beautiful
shadows roam
The castle’s roads of earth
and loam
Their love is inscribed beyond
all boundaries
In the tongue of deep desire
and of shushed mysteries
Of his queen’s gracefulness
Time bears the marks, as
eternal witness
Buried in the desk
a lost letter tells
Of their life, and its sparks,
and its spells
And even though by now the
ink has faded
There is no mistaking the story
thus unfolded
He puts the letter down in the
shadow of her beauty
Their rebel past now history
Somewhere, amid the briar
and the thistle
A child has grown in the
sleeping castle…


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